As we set off on our journey in manufacturing our garments, our goal was to produce resort wear carrying  a hint of our signature that reflects  on our products with both classical and sophisticated boho -glamour. We don’t believe in disposable fashion nor do we generally follow the seasonal trends,  so our wish is to create timeless pieces that will be treasured as  part of your wardrobe forever.

The natural  fabrics  are mostly linen and 100% cotton, all handmade and hand dyed in a natural colour  palette  in Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey.  Inspired by the softness and the lightness of the Aegean Sea breeze, the textures  are woven with love and respect for this region. They are breathable, light , pure and elegant sustaining a balance between simplicity and sophistication.

You will look glamorous in our garments on bare foot or on high heels and  enjoy the soft ,pure and light touch of our fabrics whether you wear them in day time or in the evening on any occasion.


The unique pieces of our jewelry collection are all handmade and artisanal inspired by ancient jewelry features .The pure silver gold plated (22-24 K gold) pieces are made by the jewelers who are talented master craftsmen, in  the Grand Bazaar, with old world techniques, yet with modern attainable glamour capturing the natural beauties.